Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to terminate any ‘listing’ and associated ‘account’ that we feel violates the ethical, moral, legal standards set by ourselves.

  • OpenMarketIndia is not responsible for the accuracy of the listings, authenticity of Buyers & Sellers, Quality of the products and any ‘Disputes’ that may occur inbetween ‘Buyers & Sellers’. OpenMarketIndia is merely a Classified listing platform where Buyers and Sellers post ads, connect, negotiate and decide to make any transaction based on their assessment of the deal and the corresponding buyer or Seller.

  • We earnestly request every Buyer & Seller to perform their own due diligence before finalising any deal or transferring money. OpenMarketIndia only acts as a platform to help Buyers and Sellers place ads of their products, we do not provide a mechanism yet to validate the authenticity of the Buyer, Seller, and Products. It is totally upto to the Buyer and Seller to assess and decide whether a particular deal is authentic or not.

  • This caution message has been published from the request of ‘Press Council’ organisation under the central Govt.

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